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Are you criticizing that idea?

You haven’t even articulated it. You are more likely competing with it.

Betray to be faithful.

Appropriately enough, “deconstruction” has meanings completely different than the ones Derrida “originally” articulated.

It is easy to fall silent before pain.

A democratic politics depends upon us continuing to speak out and speak on.


For some subjects, the body is the only satisfactory surface of articulation. For others, the page will do just as well.

More politics, less psychology please.

The sad state of affairs is that even legitimate grievances are understood or even articulated as whining, bellyaching, and complaining.

The hidden mouth.

Our pursuits of pleasures always articulate something universal which exceeds every particular pursuit: it pleases me to call this excess “principle.”

Retroactive prediction.

It gives me great pleasure to guess what a particular document will say before I read it. This gives me hope that I have uncovered the logic of its own struggle for position.

Articulated drives.

Violence cannot bear its silence. Sex knows how to get its way. Give either to half a chance; so to speak, they’ll talk all day.

Most longings are silent.

They lack the strength to overcome the shame of articulation.

Indications of inclinations.

Ineffable is that which shies away from articulation.