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Low-skill or high-tech.

As important as the material labor is the ideological work that “model minorities” perform for the United States.

The trouble with rights.

Asian Americans have the right to protest “Miss Saigon.” We also have the right to audition for it.

Sorry, Dumbfounded and Clara C.

Mainstream Americans would prefer to watch Psy dance around like a horse to a track written in a language they can’t understand.

Arvin Chen, “Mei.”

Leave and go; hold on and let go.

McGruder, “Boondocks.”

Asian Americans are about a century behind African Americans with respect to white people humor.

I am American and Asian.

However, I do not bother claiming either identity until someone denies that I am one.

I don’t travel too much.

An Asian American finds their own country “exotic” enough.

Dodged that bullet.

I am so happy that white progressive academics do not care in the slightest about Asian American Studies.

Asian, American, ironist.

Assuming an attitude of aloofness, he preserved some small measure of self-respect—but a small one, at that.

Disagreement is at the origin of any identity.

Chinese and Japanese activists wanted to call it “yellow power.” Filipino activists replied that they were “brown.” “Asian American” was a compromise.