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Nothing left to be afraid of.

Covid19 made it all too clear that Asians in the West have always been vulnerable and expendable. 

Model minority, yellow peril.

White Americans figured Asian Americans could solve “the problem” of black Americans. Yet their solution is yet another “problem people.”

“Angry Asian Man.”

Not all anger is born of vanity; some of it is grounded on self-respect .

First memory of self-consciousness.

I am staring at a black girl who is staring at me: we are both about five years old, waiting for fast food with our mothers.

Arvin Chen, “Mei.”

Leave and go; hold on and let go.

From bad to worse.

The only thing stupider than a white person telling me what it means to be Asian is an Asian person telling me how to be Asian.

Bruce Wayne’s secret identity is Bruce Wang.

He enjoys the corporate lifestyle, excels at martial arts, sports the latest in hi-tech, and always tries to please his parents.

McGruder, “Boondocks.”

Asian Americans are about a century behind African Americans with respect to white people humor.

I am American and Asian.

However, I do not bother claiming either identity until someone denies that I am one.

For Pete Hoekstra.

Rice paddies and broken English? You need a bigger advertising budget. Spend it now!