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Why so weak?

The strength of a culture is its capacity for appropriation and transformation; its weakness is its demand for assimilation and stasis.


The assimilated are now assimilating the assimilated-into.

I met a Kuwaiti today.

I smiled when he told me his name is Billy Bob. First, cause he goes by “Billy Bob.” Second, cause he reminded me that I go by “Fred.”


No assimilation without domination, no incorporation without exclusion.

Monkey business.

I am like Kafka’s ape—except I must learn to like bananas.

U.S. nativism.

How much resentment over those immigrants and minorities who can afford not to assimilate comes down to envy of “ethnic spice” and insecurity about being “vanilla”?

Nothing seduces like power and Americanism has peaked.

You blame immigrants for not wanting to into assimilate into “American culture.” What are you actually lamenting is that the appeal of Anglo-conformism has been waning for a half century now.

Society attacks like the Borg.

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

An unstated premise will linger.

Assimilation for the sake of equality is self-defeating to the extent that it is premised on inferiority.

Every day he searches.

The adopted son of a civilization will always wonder what his birth parents were really like.