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Kirstie McClure.

The farther I get from graduating, the less I talk about my Ph.D. supervisor, but the more I have internalized her authority.

The presumption of anarchism is against authority.

The deeper assumption is that claims of authority operate to disguise sheer violence.

Authority is not for Authors.

Most usages of “deconstruction,” “problematic,” and “performative” have nothing to do with how Big Name Theorists use them.

Wolff, “In Defense of Anarchism.”

History’s process may yet accomplish what is beyond Philosophy’s power—the complete destruction of authority.

The difference comes down to authority.

9 out of 10 times my argument is rejected; 9 out of 10 times my assignment is accepted.  

Mass shootings, government crackdowns.

What is breaking down even faster than civility is authority, for which violence has never been a workable substitute.

For Rorty.

We need irony in public life because authorities are no longer serious. We need seriousness in private life because no ironist believes their love is a language game.

Violence and/or authority.

Violence can signal either the absolute lack or the absolute plenitude of authority.

Bhavna Talwar, “Dharm.”

Pandit protects Mustafa/Kartikey from a raging, fundamentalist mob. His gesture of sublime compassion is, in this situation, the assumption of political authority.

Democratic education.

Pedagogical authority exists for the sake of its self-overcoming: its aim is equality.