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You’re a bad leftist?

It’s okay; we’re all terrible at it.

I’m not positive death is bad.

But if it is, it must be bad in itself; it cannot be bad for the dead. 


When it comes to bad or good, she always gets more than she deserves.

They aren’t bad, just ignorant?

You must mean they aren’t evil, just ignorant. Ignorance might be bliss, but it is also bad.  

Happiness, success, etc.

The best revenge is still very bad.

The politics of the apolitical.

“Realists” find the tolerably bad to be as good enough; “pessimists” think that the least bad is as good as it gets.

Don’t take “the bad” personally?

Don’t take “the good” personally while you’re at it.

My heart opened.

Only the bad came in and went out.

It only goes one way.

The rich and powerful have done bad things to get where they are. This is not to say that the poor and oppressed have done any good.

Hidden goodness, exposed badness.

It is not good to be caught doing something good. It is not bad to be caught doing something bad.