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Beauty and Wisdom.

What lasts much longer than fresh and hip? 

“Poor thing!” she thought. “He has no eyes for me.”

A humanitarian and a beauty, she never neglected her duty to pity the misfortunes of others.

The Beautiful believe in Beauty.

Whereas I believe it is a mess of egotism, eroticism, and ethnocentrism.

An observation on the beautiful.

Intelligence and beauty are more compatible than beauty and depth.

“The aesthetic” = “the interesting.”

The ugliest emotion shown on the face is more pleasing than the most beautiful emotion spilled from the guts.

Burns, “The National Parks.”

The beauty of the natural world is unrelated to the “beauty” of U.S. nationalism. To claim otherwise is an outrageous appropriation.

What are the odds?

It’s hard to believe that some smart people also look good.

Arvin Chen, “Mei.”

Leave and go; hold on and let go.

Do I have the right to write this way?

Does a model have the right to take their clothes off at work?

Misogynist mentality.

How beautiful she is. She even writes beautifully! How this beautiful writing enhances her beauty!