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I will never become my enemy.

Yet we can learn from our enemy. We can even learn to become more like them.

A favorite phrase.

It is more paradoxical to become who you are than to become what you are not.


If you don’t believe that you believe, your beliefs will never change.

We never step into the same river once.

Moreover, we never step into the same anything once.

“This too shall pass.”

The reminder is useful in the worst of times and necessary in the best of them.


Meditation—philosophical and spiritual—trains us to become in the world.

I only get one shot?

I can’t see it that way. I have been other people in other places. Ultimately, I only will have been these others.

Epistemic and existential.

There is no question of knowing who you are. There is only the process of becoming it.

What kind of animal?

Philosophers who give up on being gadflies sooner or later become tapeworms.

I cannot get over it.

So I will become someone else.