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The philosophical difference is between having and being.

The political difference is between those who use others and those who are with them.


Delight in the diversions from Being.

One cannot be authentic.

One can only act authentically.

Where does the time go?

The same place it comes from.

The “wannabe” is misnamed.

They want to possess the other far more than they want to be them.

Pre- and post-conceptual.

The life of the mind began to decline the moment the Concept came into Being.


Being—I know right?

The butterfly looks like a baby stretching its wings.

I see that I might stamp it out with my next step. There is the upsurge of negation which is our being.

What kind of animal?

Philosophers who give up on being gadflies sooner or later become tapeworms.

A preoccupation with Being.

Countless pages, hours, and energy have been spent explicating the noun form of a fascinating verb.