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Be who you are.

A demand to do the impossible can have force.

Being, doing, having.

What a load of metaphors.

The authentic “me” is not mine.

It is the “I” which belongs to conceptual thought.

Thinking and Being.

Thinking is not the pathway to Being, but it is one pathway upon which Being unfolds.

To have, to be.

I have lost. Now I am loss.

Why I am so clever.

I think, therefore I am.

Were they being “Chinese” in becoming “American”?

Out of economic concerns, the parents wanted their children to act like Americans. Out of a sense of duty, the Chinese children would do so.

Having and being.

If all we have is the Now, then being Mr. Right Now can’t be all that wrong.


Whether I am for-or-against them, I will be with-and-among “the people.”

(Not) being.

It is impossible that you’d be what you are. It is more probable that you’d not be what you aren’t.