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“I’m a believer…”

Christianity revealed both the grandeur and absurdity of belief.

Demonstrate that you are for humanity.

Then we can discuss what kind of “leftist” you might be. Can we skip this question of “belief”?

Never trust a statement of “belief.”

Instead, draw inferences from what someone ignores, mocks, or criticizes as unbelievable.

Two systems: knowledge and belief.

We know so many things that we do not believe and believe so many things that we do not know.

I believe in nothing?

I do not “believe.” I’m not stuck on religious problems.

What the skeptic believes.

Skepticism is the general condition for the rejection of all particular knowledge claims. As such, it is the disavowed object of belief.


If you don’t believe that you believe, your beliefs will never change.

“The West” is not trying to understand “the East.”

It is looking for an elsewhere to argue about what it believes it already knows.

You are constantly posting selfies.

What you display is not your self, but rather your correct belief that your self needs to be seen to be believed.

Walking is talking.

The path you walk tells me exactly what you “believe.”