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What makes history more than “one damn thing after another”? The same thing that makes your story more than “one damn thing after another.”

I’d like to act my age.

Sometimes the biographical leaps straight for the historical.

Musical taste is like sexual taste.

I do not choose to like this musician or genre of music. Nor is my preference directly biological. The determinants of musical taste are biographical, historical, and sociological.

She was born, she performed, and she died.

The biography of all great musicians can be summed up in a sentence.

The chance intersection of biography and history.

If my father had not been an enemy of the KMT, perhaps I would not be responding to an English name after all.

Go back to where I came from?

You can’t go back to nowhere—you can’t even come from there.

Interpretive principle.

Biography might explain why I have written. But it cannot explicate what I have written.