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The strength to not blame.

The weak blame others because they must. The strong assume responsibility because they can.

Writers are notorious liars.

It is not their fault; the problem is words themselves.

Bad relationships.

Those who blame parents, like Henry Darger, have sided with children. Those who blame children, like Sigmund Freud, have sided with parents.

An audience.

They overthrew well-constituted government: we praise them for their courage and blame them for their folly. They acquiesced to badly-constituted government: we praise them for their wisdom and blame them for their cowardice.

Politics, ethics, rhetoric.

We who say that politics is a good in itself are willing to take our fair share of praise as well as blame.

Used to be a radical?

I would not blame you for rejecting your former ideals as “unrealistic.” I would not praise you for it, either.

Yes, I know it’s nobody’s fault.

That’s why I have to take responsibility for it.

I blame you for everything.

Observe closely how people treat their parents, especially when they think nobody’s watching.