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At the gym.

The body’s control of the bar is at the same time the body’s control of the mind.

Daily exercise.

Thousands of hours training the body and thousands of hours training the mind—which is the more futile exercise?

Body parts.

Better a smart mouth than a dumb ass.

Body as mind.

Every genuine communication is an out-of-body experience.


He developed an entire body of thought devoted to thinking about her mind.


For some subjects, the body is the only satisfactory surface of articulation. For others, the page will do just as well.

Aggressive attitudes, masculine fantasies. 

The three standard points of attack in a rap battle are sexual relations, bodily integrity, and artistic prowess.

Moons and stars.

Seeing the body is like looking at the sun. Seeing the mind is like looking at the moon.


The ancients understood an individual without a community to be like a hand without a body. How creepy the modern individual would appear to them!

An ordering.

For the body, pleasure; for the mind, calm; for the spirit, joy.