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What is on that shelf?

Our appreciation of printed books includes their value as cultural capital.

This book is boring.

It was written out of fear and it will be read with fear.

This book is boring.

Yet it was written with care and it will be read with care.

I finally read that book.

It is as brilliant, but of course known for all the wrong reasons.

You learn something every time you read this book.

Or maybe you just have an especially poor memory.

What did I think of that book?

I think a hundred something pages of counterintuitive, seemingly clever arguments does not make the slightest contribution to knowledge.

Kubrick, “The Shining.”

The exception to the rule that the movie is always worse than the book.

The printed paged.

Someone drew a smiley-face on the last page of my used copy of Silko’s “Ceremony,” which reads: “Sunrise, accept this offering, sunrise.” This kind of thing could never happen with digital books.

Keep the book closed.

Ask the margins, aporias, and silences what this book means. If that fails, read surrounding commentaries, reviews, and summaries.

The book was beyond him.

The only thing this critic could with it was shit on it.