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An empirical statement.

There is no way reality could be as boring as your thoughts make it out to be.


The boredom that many liberal democracies feel for electoral politics is worrisome. Things look better in civil society, where the passion for modern politics has always been.

The democratization of privilege.

The luxury of boredom once reserved for aristocrats has been extended to managers, laborers, and unemployed people.

Why I like aphorisms.

There’s no room in an aphorism to be boring.

Who is hell?

You are bored as hell because you are only interested in yourself.

Does entertainment alleviate boredom?

No, entertainment is the very height of boredom.


It is best to write daily in the same place and at the same time. In such a situation, the mind will create or die of boredom.

Time is an illusion.

Boredom is our punishment for nurturing it.

All the more true when we’re alone.

Checking the time every 10 minutes for no scheduling reason is a sure sign of boredom.

Sadly, it beats sleeping.

How puzzling that I never want to sleep, but only stay up to bore myself to tears.