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Two kinds of emptiness.

The first is enduring tranquility, the other is constant anxiety.

Why cling to ideals?

Attachments belong with and to actual persons.

Sitting still.

Not all forms of “standing out” are forms of “standing up.”

Count on it.

The things in this universe are innumerable and cannot be counted. The things of this world are impermanent and cannot be counted upon.

Nature against nature.

Desire moves the mind-body, which contemplation brings to rest.

A walk with Sunim Hye Wol.

I caught a glimpse of what he saw in the way that he looked at dogs, squirrels, and trees.

Two modes of alienation.

Alienation is oppressive if it longs for things lost, stolen, or denied. Alienation is liberation if it renounces things never needed, wanted, or possessed.

A thought is not for clinging.

If you must have fetters, start a family.

He talked about his monastic life.

I couldn’t help asking myself, “What went wrong in his ‘normal’ life?” I bet others ask themselves the same questions when I speak about my intellectual discipline.

Freedom and death.

A free death is not half as fine an aim as freedom from death.