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Against Graeber.

All jobs are bullshit jobs. 

It’s a living.

It’s easy to not get obsessed with professionalism when you think your profession is full of it.

About 50% of intellectual work is bullshit.

Then again, about 50% of all work is bullshit work.

Bullshit jobs are first and foremost jobs.

They are emblematic only of the bullshit experience as work.

She read her Hume well.

More than once, I heard her talk about “philosophy bullshit.” 

Graeber, “Bullshit Jobs.”

Is education that doesn’t prepare you for work “bullshit”? Or is the true bullshit education the kind that prepares you for bullshit “work”?

Stop, drop, and mop.

What I suggest you do about your bullshit.

A bullshit detector requires little energy.

However, it will stop working if its batteries are not periodically recharged.