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The Meritorious need a chance to compete.

“Equality of opportunity” is ancient bureaucratic ideology transposed into capitalist market idioms.

What did you expect?

Don’t criticize your students for “gaming the system” if you test and discipline like a bureaucrat; don’t criticize their parents for acting like customers when your workplace treats them like revenue streams.

I am resolved to drag my feet.

The more bullshit work we do, the more bullshit work we receive.

NBC, “The Good Place.”

The dream is that morality is of eternal significance. The nightmare is that bureaucracy follows you even into the afterlife.

Another day at the office.

Meaninglessness ends with the bureaucratization of meaning.

Rule of nobody.

What some bureaucracies lack in size, they make up for in lack of speed.


Can cogs in the machine be transformed into accountable people? That depends on the quality of judgment.