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You think people are awful.

Just wait until you hear about capitalism and empire.

There is no neutral definition of politics.

There are only democratic, liberal, capitalist, fascist, anarchist, socialist, etc. conceptions of politics.

Racial liberalism is liberalism.

Racial capitalism is capitalism. The racial bit is not a specification of kind, but a reminder against willful forgetting.

The professional is the political.

Professors, we need to relearn how to argue without “promoting” our work and, worse yet, “promoting” ourselves.


Capitalism keeps conjuring socialism, statism keeps calling anarchism. 

Assume that capitalism, patriarchy, and empire are absolute truths.

Only on this assumption can one claim that socialism, feminism, and decolonization are “morally relativistic.” 

Capitalist distributions.

From each according to his greed, to each according to his deed. 

You’re supposed to be frustrated.

Capitalism creates demands for liberty, equality, and solidarity that it cannot possibly satisfy.

Dumb and dumber.

I am sure socialism is pure stupidity; I am also sure that capitalism is even stupider. 

Capitalism is social power.

The one thing that cannot be a “big deal” is yourself, no matter how “successful” you are.