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You’re supposed to be frustrated.

Capitalism creates demands for liberty, equality, and solidarity that it cannot possibly satisfy.

Dumb and dumber.

I am sure socialism is pure stupidity; I am also sure that capitalism is even stupider. 

Capitalism is social power.

The one thing that cannot be a “big deal” is yourself, no matter how “successful” you are.

“Neoliberalism” ceaseless commodifies, privatizes, etc.?

What you mean is capitalism. If you could only find the courage to admit you hate it.

Our age demands the justification of non-work.

Yet this demand works against the possibility of justification.

What kind of rituals?

All our holidays are excuses to shop.

Capitalist life and logic.

If the population shrinks, the economy shrinks. So let’s incentivize sexual reproduction, so the economy can grow.

Social media, text, email, etc.

In the era of the communicative capitalism, the goal of the writer is to write fewer words per day.

Social capital defined.

Community for capitalist societies.

Human capital, social capital, physical capital.

With all this capital around, how could anything as fantastical as a “worker” exist?