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Covid19 catastrophe.

Capitalism, as usual, is demanding blood and sacrifice.

Belief and antagonism.

Leftist infighting indexes sectarian and moralism, self-aggrandizement and competition, that is, the worst influences of Christianity and capitalism on radical thinking.

Negotiation and non-negotiable.

Exploitation and appropriation, estrangement and accumulation are essential logics of capital; the calibration of state or market forces, coercive or “consensual” means depends on context and struggle.

Techno-Orientalism of Watchmen.

So the real threat is not the Klu Klux Klan, but the representative of Asian capital, one whom we are to suspect of designs of world domination.

The Meritorious need a chance to compete.

“Equality of opportunity” is ancient bureaucratic ideology transposed into capitalist market idioms.

What is on that shelf?

Our appreciation of printed books includes their value as cultural capital.

Neoliberalism, liberalism, capitalism,

Neoliberalism erases the thin line between liberalism and capitalism. “Neoliberal capitalism,” then, is redundant in a way that “liberal capitalism” was not.

Form versus content.

Social antagonism articulated on social media is immediately absorbed into the investment, competitive, and productive dynamics of data-driven capitalism.

Capitalist nature.

Chicago meatpackers used to say “everything but the squeal” is sellable; this is the actual source of the apocryphal idea that “Plains Indians use every part of the buffalo.”

You think people are awful.

Just wait until you hear about capitalism and empire.