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Liberal democracy is democratic liberalism.

What we are witnessing in the US and elsewhere is the de-linking of and contradiction between liberalism and democracy.

Learn from your enemy, democrats.

Learn, first of all, that there are friends and enemies.

Michael Oakeshott, conservative.

How easy it is to love this enemy!

Every binary implies a triad.

To take a political example: there are friends, enemies, and neutrals.

Built in.

Political theology demonstrates the impossibility of separating church and state. Political science demonstrate the impossibility of separating science and state.

Polemicists speak not to persuade.

Rather, they are drawing lines of amity and enmity.

Political association is not taste all the way down.

No dining club has successfully demanded that its members kill and possibly die in its defense.

Carl Schmitt.

I hardly understand your language. I fully understand your logic.

The body politic.

Hannah Arendt is my left hand and Carl Schmitt is my right. As an ambidextrous lefty, I write with my left hand and punch with my right.

Troubled times.

The political is both our worst nightmare and our best hope.