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We appear to need them, but they in reality need us.

Our recognition of their supposed specialness is the effect, not the cause of their actual power over us.

Social media influencer.

Academic celebrities need us much more than we need them. 

Your posts gets thousands of views.

I would be satisfied if a few minds could see this post.

The desire for fame is mostly harmless.

But then someone gets famous. Don’t let it be you.

Conditions and constraints.

Professors can be radical like celebrities can be humanitarian.


X: How natural they appear before the camera! Y: That just means they are always posing.

High school celebrity.

Just the other day, I heard about the kid who died. Hardly anybody knew him, yet everybody cried.

Living in Hollywood is like waiting in the grocery check out line.

You scan celebrity tabloids out of boredom, always ready to question the prices you’re paying.