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The center says the left and the right are the same.

They are right in one respect: the left and right are political, while the center is not.


To become centered in the world, we must de-center ourselves.

This is not a ghetto.

Recent, rich immigrants from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong have created new and revitalized old “ethnic enclaves” in the U.S. Sometimes it is better to live at the center of the periphery than at the periphery of the center.

The center did not hold.

The moderns released their hold on it.

Left, right, and center.

When moderation is taken to the extreme, extreme conservatism and extreme radicalism become the truly moderate positions.

Left, right, no center.

A theory which accounts for both left and right wing politics is not centrist. It is either a leftist or rightist interpretation of the struggle between left and right.


The sensitive have an enhanced sense of what goes on in the world; they also have the exaggerated sense that they are the center of it.


No matter where we stand, we all stand equidistant from the center of the world.