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I’m seeing a pattern.

The source of knowledge is ignorance. The source of certainty is doubt. The source of intelligence is stupidity.

A thought on Confucius.

His wisdom consists in being more certain about what should be than what is.

Knowledge is uncertain.

But our knowledge is nowhere near as uncertain as our emotion.

Many an atheist.

If you want to see which side feels certain, despite their rhetoric of skepticism, check out who is arguing like their opponents don’t believe that 2+2=4.

Ready or not.

Thought is one long preparation for a certainty that never comes; life is one long preparation for a certainty that always comes.

Modesty please.

X: All I know is that I don’t know. Y: Don’t be so sure about that.

I am only certain that the world exists.

A very strong opinion is good enough for every other question.

How does it feel?

The skeptic has the feeling of certainty far less frequently than the dogmatist. On occasion, the skeptic feels it quickly comes to pass.

No doubt, certainty casts a shadow.

That certain shadow is called doubt.  

Appropriate in this situation.

Under certain conditions—for ex. conditions of certainty—all kinds of arrogance are required to be less stupid.