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Butler, “Parable of the Sower.”

Change is ever changing.

Feelings are supposed to change.

X: You won’t feel that way in a couple of years. Y: That just proves that I’m doing it right.

The world is coming to an end.

The activists put on at a concert. It failed to change anything, but it succeeded as a commemoration.


If you don’t believe that you believe, your beliefs will never change.

Thought of gratitude.

All that can be changed is not changeable.

For Leslie Marmon Silko.

People think that if their children look like them, things are staying the same. But that a child is born is proof enough that each is new.

We never step into the same river once.

Moreover, we never step into the same anything once.


What is “actual” must be actualized; what “change” is must be changed.

Everything changes.

That is why nothing changes.

Constant change.

The more things change, the more change stays the same.