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Wilson Yip, “Yip Man.”

The line about the Japanese lack of understanding of Confucianism was ridiculous—yet no more so than other “moral” and “national” explanations of violence.

Wong Kar-Wai, 2046.

If 2046 is Hong Kong’s point of no return, it sure came much sooner than anticipated.

All futures are haunted.

If China is the Marxist future, then the USSR is the ghost.

You are obsessed with a ghost, the USSR.

Desperate Eurocentrism keeps you from seeing that, for better and worse, China is the Marxist future.

The Clash of Civilizations?

More like a clash of U.S. and Chinese empires.

Xie Yifan, your time is up.

The occupation of pre-revolutionary China is not a side plot, but the real plot of Hur Jinho’s “Dangerous Liasons.”

Donald Trump is always ranting about Japan, China, and Mexico.

I suspect these are the only countries besides the United States that he’s heard of.

Who is settler and who is native?

Taiwanese who claim that displaced Chinese colonized them might look into their own replacement of Austronesian aborigines.

This is not a ghetto.

Recent, rich immigrants from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong have created new and revitalized old “ethnic enclaves” in the U.S. Sometimes it is better to live at the center of the periphery than at the periphery of the center.

What about Taiwan?

The myth of Tibet as Shangri-La—an anti-materialistic, spiritually pure neverland invaded by evil Communists—sutures the cracks in the savior complex of certain Westerners.