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Who cares how good my 中文 gets?

My true home is not language; it is rupture and alienation, reiteration and dislocation. 

Walter Benjamin on Paul Klee?

Commonplace. It is common sense for a billion Chinese that the past is before us and the future is behind us.

From Nietzsche’s critique of Truth.

If we call pre-modern Chinese and Indian studies of nature “unscientific” due to their metaphysical cast, then we must similarly classify modern European studies of the same.

Who is settler and who is native?

Taiwanese who claim that displaced Chinese colonized them might look into their own replacement of Austronesian aborigines.

Asymmetric times.

Chinese have been in the Americas much longer than the Americas have been in Chinese.

Inquisition on a barstool.

The drunken white man asked me where I am from. I told him I was born in Wisconsin. He clarified that he wanted to know if I were Chinese or Japanese. So I said I’m Taiwanese. He began recounting his travels across Thailand.

Disagreement is at the origin of any identity.

Chinese and Japanese activists wanted to call it “yellow power.” Filipino activists replied that they were “brown.” “Asian American” was a compromise.

Parallels can be hard to see.

You are amused by Mexicans who won’t eat Taco Bell. But when was the last time you ate Panda Express?

Were they being “Chinese” in becoming “American”?

Out of economic concerns, the parents wanted their children to act like Americans. Out of a sense of duty, the Chinese children would do so.