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Choice has displaced decision.

Consumerism, in turn, is the trivialization of choice.

“Divorcing” one’s family.

The tendency of liberal individualism, which makes all association optional, is a tendentious “opting out.”

There is no alternative?

Here are too many alternatives. The difficulty is finding the right one.

Give all the choice to opt-in.

I guarantee at that point insiders and outsiders alike will decide to leave together.

Assume rational choice theory.

If choice is determined by incentive, how can that choice be free?

Decisions, decisions.

Sexuality is a choice—the wrong one.

I would complain that they took away my weekend.

But I “choose” to work on Saturday or Sunday. Plus, they can’t take away what I never had.

Choice of company.

She avoided contact with her old friends not because she didn’t like them anymore, but because she didn’t like herself back then.

Multicultural madness.

Majorities now demand that minorities bear an authentic, unreflective relation to “their own culture.” This fantasy induces an incredible resentment towards those imagined to not bear the burden of “choice.”

Choice on one side.

Like cars and trees, we had no choice about coming into this world. The only difference is that we can choose to exit it.