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Movies are “electric shadows.”

The best are shadows of “the Real.” And we only apprehend “the Real” through shadows.

Movie magic.

You claim that this representation of barbarity, poverty, stupidity, etc. isn’t racist because it includes a few whites. That is like claiming that the insult that a man throws like a girl isn’t sexist.

Burns, “The National Parks.”

The beauty of the natural world is unrelated to the “beauty” of U.S. nationalism. To claim otherwise is an outrageous appropriation.

What is intelligence, again?

An intelligent puzzle film compels the viewer to examine their ontological assumptions.

So what if Disney movies are sexual.

The actual obscenity is that they teach children to romanticize aristocrats.

What is intelligence?

Primer, Inception, and other pseudo-intellectual films inspire their audiences to solve little puzzles.

The Dark Knight.

All praise to Frank Miller and Christopher Nolan for revealing Batman to be an anti-enlightenment reactionary.

Villeneuve, “Blade Runner 2049.”

There is more than one way to give your life for a cause.

Pang Brothers, “Bangkok Dangerous.”

The natural, innocent purveyor of violence is banished from the realms of speech and love.

Ideology is in Technicolor.

But ideology critique is not in black and white; it happens between the frames and around their edges.