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Vincent and Brackley, “Humans.”

The show only engages with the future insofar as it is a British attempt to work through colonial history.

Yellow and Black.

Orientalism versus anti-Blackness for European colonalism is approximately the difference between subalternity versus subhumanity for the human-like-us.

From Walter Rodney and Aimé Césaire.

Colonialism was fascist long before some Europeans called one variant of it fascism. 

I once thought, “I’m a guest here.”

Then I read some indigenous American studies. I then thought, “We are settlers here—uninvited ones at that.” 

Nolan, “Interstellar.”

It is a shame that some people can’t wonder at the universe without wanting to colonize it.

Technology and psychology.

Ishi, “last of the Yahi,” laughed when he saw an airplane and heard a white man flew it. He seemed more impressed with the urban crowds made possible by the settler’s agricultural technologies.

Not a nation of immigrants.

The settler would like to belong to a native community, but the settler’s society is constantly unsettled.