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An underrated virtue.

Intellectual discipline has almost nothing to do with academic departments, and almost everything to do with public commitments.

To what end?

Being massively opinionated means nothing if you aren’t committed to something.

There is no alternative?

Here are too many alternatives. The difficulty is finding the right one.

I’m talking about commitment.

The unconditioned arises from the conditioned to become the very condition of the conditional.

Hall and Oates, “I Can’t Go for That.”

“Now I’ll do anything you want me to…” quickly turns into “…but I can’t go for that”: this is the motto of a man who can’t go all the way.

What did you mean by “evidence”?

Criteria of what counts as evidence depend upon a prior commitment to a paradigm of experience.

She could not commit.

She overcommitted every time.

Form over content.

One commits to the form more than the content of a relationship. Hence the most serious commitments require the most formal ceremonies.