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It is fine to compare yourself to others.

Just make sure that you really believe you are superior first.

That’s not a new idea.

That’s a neologism. The new word sounds uglier than the old one.

Four basic thoughts of the self.

(1) I am. (2) This is who I am. (3) This is how I compare with others. (4) This is why I am.

Killing for its own sake is seen as the ultimate evil.

How strange that killing for the sake of something else is seen as somehow less evil.

You connect yourself to others to be.

You compare yourself against others to belong.

What need for proof?

The good thing about thinking you’re smarter than everyone is you don’t get into arguments where you’re trying to prove you’re smarter than everyone.

A metaphorical comparison.

I can’t decide whether life or death is more metaphorical.

A need for comparison.

The lonely hold a high estimation of themselves by necessity.