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Why do we prize empathy?

For one thing, artificial intelligence has been “smarter” than us for some time now. For another, we have never prized wisdom.


Compassion comes from those places that wisdom dares not go.

The words are as cutting as ever.

Only the intention moving within them is compassionate.

Discerning and listening.

Sight is the power of wisdom. Hearing is the power of compassion.

Bhavna Talwar, “Dharm.”

Pandit protects Mustafa/Kartikey from a raging, fundamentalist mob. His gesture of sublime compassion is, in this situation, the assumption of political authority.

Your enemy rots in a prison.

If you are anything like me, this fantasy elicits compassion to the same degree it satisfies an urge to inflict suffering.

Compassion comes from wisdom.

The compassionate have enough wisdom to see that others, too, deal in fundamental ignorance.

Persecuted and ignored.

The old man at the library started yelling at me for sitting next to him when so many other seats were available. Do you think I care who sits next me? I demanded—a split second before seeing his fear that he could disturb no one.


Pity seeks out inequality. Compassion seeks to eliminate it.