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My thinking is not thoughtful.

I take up some concepts, then I perform some calculations.

Concepts are like swords.

You ask what the point of cutting distinctions is. At which point, I will gladly drive it home.


The concepts which we define have come to dance.

Seeing the social.

To grasp something made out of concepts, you will need to see through concepts.

Anamnesis and the unconscious.

It takes bizarre concepts to explain the bizarre case of not knowing what we already know.

No wonder thinking is so easy to derail.

A train of thought travels upon the invisible rails of concepts.

“Hard” sci-fi is almost unbearable.

It has the saving grace of translating mathematical relations into imagery and scientific concepts into narratives.

An indictment.

Thinking must be charged with the tendency of substituting interest in concepts for interest in the world.