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Thinking for yourself.

The great challenge for “subaltern” thinkers is trusting the thoughts that happen to be “yours.”

Kishimi and Koga, “The Courage to be Disliked.”

Accept yourself; do not accept others. Confide in others; do not seek self-confidence.

I am learning again.

No wonder I feel sure of myself.

What is confidence?

A trust in oneself that exceeds its rational basis.

Polite cockiness.

What is called confidence around these parts.

Sounds good.

A voice infused with consciousness sounds less confident to the unconscious.


Most men with confidence are at bottom confidence men.


No confidence for the self without confiding in others.

Nothing inspires confidence like trust.

And nothing inspires social confidence like a trust fund.

Well seriously.

The true test of confidence is not how well, but how seriously one takes criticism.