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We’re in this together?

Well, we are bound together in conflict. 

In your face.

Aggression only works against those with even less confidence and competence than the aggressor.


He was in perfect harmony with himself and in perpetual conflict with others.

“Oikos” as root of “economy.”

If political leaders are household managers, then social conflicts are as undignified as family squabbles.

The gist of the conflict.

Opinion holds that Knowledge is impossible. Knowledge thinks that Opinion is untenable.

I befriend people with whom I seriously disagree.

That way, I know that we’re not having a petty squabble when we eventually come into conflict.

Conflict is the core of politics.

The personable is not the political.

Smith, “Dueling Banjos.”

The Hollywood reading is the discord has given way to harmony. The Hegelian reading is the conflict has been cancelled, yet preserved in a higher level.


War involves the conflict in which you would kill and perhaps die. Politics involves the cause for which you would die yet not kill.

The core of politics and friendship is speech.

Political speech, however, is oriented to difference and conflict, whereas friendly speech is oriented towards similitude and peace. So, my friend, let’s discuss politics at a different time.