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Political virtues.

From least to most important: consciousness, creativity, and courage.

How you know it’s just a metaphor.

Some revolutions occur well below the threshold of consciousness.

Ted Chiang, “Exhalation.”

The thesis is poetic and precise: consciousness is disequilibrium.

Consciousness, at least for humans, is embodied.

All that can uploaded is the information, and all that can be modeled is the information processing capacities, contained therein.

Who thinks “Marx is dead”?

The type of consciousness that denies Marx ever lived.

Green, “The Secret Life of Plants.”

Why argue that plants have consciousness? Consciousness isn’t all that.

It all starts here.

Other-awareness is the othering-origin and self-surpassing of self-awareness.

Sympathy can cover great distances.

The conscientious among a certain class is conscious about exploiting workers overseas. Even this minimal expression of conscience, though, rarely questions the right to exploit workers closer to home.

Wisdom is knowledge of one’s ignorance.

Self-consciousness is consciousness of the self’s unconsciousness.

Beauty, good, truth, etc. are superfluous.

But nothing is more superfluous than Consciousness, the condition which makes all “values” possible.