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Most of the time, what we truly want isn’t for sale.

But when it is, and we buy it, we feel a whole other level of consumer satisfaction. 

The fight for consumerism ruthlessly exploits the desire to live for a cause.

Maskless Kens and Karens are screaming they’d rather kill and die than give up their “way of life.”


Producerism is even worse than consumerism.

Choice has displaced decision.

Consumerism, in turn, is the trivialization of choice.

The Konmari method.

The only people buying this shit are the people who buy shit.

The “Jenny Craig” treatment.

Consumerism is the binge, the Konmari method is the purge.

Consumer reports.

These film critics write as if their job were to refine and expand their audiences’ list of “likes” and “dislikes.”

What is your gut feeling?

That depends on what have you been consuming.

“You might also like this…”

Exposure only to likeable things is a fantasy of consumer choice. It is also a disaster for political judgment.

Materialists them all.

Philosophical materialism lives next door to consumer materialism—and consumer materialism has a bigger TV.