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New forms of consumption give rise to new dissatisfactions.


Expanding consumption gives rise to expanding hungers. 

Fast Food Thinking.

The best thing about these Chicken McNuggets is that they kind of taste like chicken.

I won’t bite the hand that feeds me.

Then again, I’m not about to lick it. Actually, I keep that hand as far away from my face as possible.

The coffee was half strength.

He drank more than twice the usual amount.

Mutually reinforcing.

Your sex drive goes down when you stop consuming mass media. Your dependence on mass media goes down when you stop hankering after sex.

What is your gut feeling?

That depends on what have you been consuming.

Another political economy.

The point of production is where one can put the point of consumption into question.

Environmental therapy.

We must discover the pleasure in the displeasure of consuming less and recognize the displeasure in the pleasure of consuming to excess.

It’s so fitting that mini-van, SUV, and truck owners can’t park.

Accustomed to guzzling gas, they take up space without regard for those who might arrive later.