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The prejudice against contingency.

Most of the times we say we’re overdetermined, we are actually underdetermined.

Demoralizing markets.

The notion of contingency makes market competition bearable, especially for competitors who believe neither in the market nor in themselves.

By all means, plan for contingencies.

Just don’t forget that Contingency plans back.

So what if this country is not the greatest ever.

Leave it to the nationalists to elevate a contingency into a competition.

Historical causality.

The original meaning of the American Civil War was Union. The ultimate meaning of the war was Emancipation. Between the cause and the consequence was a series of pure contingencies.

There are such things as coincidences.

When we are ready to recognize that such coincidences are meaningful, we will be reconciled with our conditions of contingency.


After contingency makes the accidental sufferable, necessity makes the accident bearable.

Contingency is contingent.

To claim that there must be contingencies is to make a claim in the spirit of necessity.


A: Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people? B: You’re pretty much asking why anything happens to anyone.

Perforce and perchance.

No two words are synonymous—no words are superfluous—yet these two terms are in deeds close in meaning.