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Another formulation.

Ambiguity is contradiction plus contraction.

From Grace Lee Boggs.

Contradiction in human terms is confrontation. Confrontation in logical terms is contradiction.

You claim to be a “cynic,” but you are a huge conformist.

The contradiction is merely apparent: you are “cynical” only against critical, radical, and left currents.

Life is contradiction.

Antagonistic contradiction—now that is politics.

The contradiction is in the self.

Emotional validity is rarely self-consistent.

Peck, “The Young Marx.”

“Workers of the World Unite” is more universal than “All Men are Brothers” on the theory that the contradiction between particulars, and nothing else, will produce the universal.

Contraries coincide.

One current in the Sea of Contradiction inevitably flows into its opposite.

Difference comes from discourse.

To speak of the oneness of all things is a contradiction that must be spoken to be believed.


Border crossers come into interesting contradictions with themselves.

A and Not-A.

The point of dialectics is to move beyond the contradictions at which ratiocination is compelled to stop.