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The two Avatars.

Both Avatar: The Last Airbender and James Cameron’s Avatar are allegories of Westerners who take pleasure in the fantasy of inhabiting and controlling Others.

What am I doing?

The writer overemphasizes how far language is reality in a desperate search for a reality they can control.

Too structured, too precise.

Where is the space within your sentences?

You are rabidly insecure.

But these attempts to control others will bring you no closer to security.

At the gym.

The body’s control of the bar is at the same time the body’s control of the mind.

Experiments in control.

Loneliness decreases our ability to control impulses, including the impulse of self-control.

Emotional display.

Without strict discipline, what emotions we feel are not in our control, but with a little effort, what emotions we show are in our control.

Climate change.

It turns out we can control the weather. Now if we could only control ourselves!

That which is (not) within my control.

I cannot fight the fact that it’s cold outside. I can only fight the fact that I’m fighting the cold.