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What am I working on now?

I’m not working on anything right now. I’m having a conversation.

Why should we avoid that topic?

We have so many better things to not talk about.

Fathers and sons.

I learned from my father how to not talk to people; how not to talk to people I picked up on my own.

Quality in quantity.

Conversation between two is spontaneous. Conversation among many requires set up and even planning.


The line between talking to oneself and talking to someone else is fine. The line is finest at the point one is talking about oneself.

Yes, I know I am saying what you already know.

I think you need new conversations, not new knowledge.

Just dance!

The loud music at nightclubs drowns out conversation and common sense at the same time.

Most days, he never said a word.

He did not understand the point of ordinary conversation.

Familiarity and friendship.

Having a great conversation over and over again is often the best thing.

Quiet please.

If you prefer cleverness to conversation, you’d best move on the silent contemplation.