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Sources of conviction.

Why would anyone who has nothing but truth on their side have any interest in questioning the very notion of it?

How so convincing?

“Cultural relativism” makes sense for anyone who enters a different world every time they step outside the house or come back to the neighborhood.


Frankly, I don’t understand nine-tenths of what he says. Yet the one-tenth I do understand has me convinced he’s a genius.

Everyone’s good at something.

For instance, the great majority are good at convincing themselves they aren’t mediocre at everything.


Epistemology expresses an ordinary conviction (“my way of thinking is valid”) in a language that nobody but professional philosophers technically understand.

Moralists describe all in terms of good or evil.

How insecure their ethical convictions must be such that they must be applied at every available opportunity.

A burden made bearable.

The farther we leave our decisions behind, the more we convince ourselves that we must have made them that way.