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Youthful courage.

Let fearlessness be the child of your fears.

Political virtues.

From least to most important: consciousness, creativity, and courage.

An expert in fear.

Who else could be a courageous person?

For Kishimi and Koga.

It takes courage to be disliked, agreed. However, such courage is the precise opposite of freedom.

Cold feet?

No, don’t turn the heat up. Get off your ass while you’re at it.


Compassion comes from those places that wisdom dares not go.

An audience.

They overthrew well-constituted government: we praise them for their courage and blame them for their folly. They acquiesced to badly-constituted government: we praise them for their wisdom and blame them for their cowardice.

The corridor of memory.

He backed away from a staircase plunging towards a dimly lit door, lacking the courage to see if it was locked.

What comes first?

It is an act of contempt to assert that fear or anxiety has existential priority over courage and calm.

He talks as if he were ready to risk his life.

Yet he has never even been known to risk his precious reputation.