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Covid19 catastrophe.

Capitalism, as usual, is demanding blood and sacrifice.

The fight for consumerism ruthlessly exploits the desire to live for a cause.

Maskless Kens and Karens are screaming they’d rather kill and die than give up their “way of life.”

We exist precariously in a hostile country.

Covid19 merely underscored what Asian Americans have always known, despite our best attempts to deceive ourselves. 

Covid19 world.

The lack of undue deference is not a lack of civility; it is simply that certain survival tactics have turned suicidal.

Nothing left to be afraid of.

Covid19 made it all too clear that Asians in the West have always been vulnerable and expendable. 

Laissez-faire covid19 policy.

US neoliberalism is so anti-political that, despite overwhelming evidence that government policy works, it wants covid19 to take a deadly, “natural” course. 

Back to school, fall 2020.

Classroom energy is way better than Zoom fatigue.

Apartment as in office.

Covid19 work conditions are such that doing “less work than average” is passing as a decent vacation this year.

They call it covid19.

It is the flashpoint for extended crises in health care, governance, economy, education, and migration.