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Is social science possible?

That depends. It is possible for humanity to “discover” what it has “created”?

What monotheists divined.

Creation is an ordinary act with extraordinary results.

Left polarities.

The first pole is aesthetic: the drive to create. The second pole is political: the drive to emancipate.

A Mayan hypothesis.

The universe is created and the universe is destroyed four times. Yet we cannot call it a work in progress.

Creation and speech are ordinary.

It is grandeur and delusion of monotheism to endow them with extraordinary power.

Creative destruction -> destructive creation.

The creative aspects of destruction have been greatly exaggerated. Let talk about the destructive moments of creation instead.

Conserving is creating.

The act of defending against is generative of the very thing defended.

Great fiction.

You couldn’t make this shit up, though this author could.

Creative processes.

At the beginning of an artistic endeavor, you need to be slightly less than sober. At the end, you are likely more sober than ever.


The urge towards creation is a perversion of the instinct for procreation.