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The year is now.

Reformists and realists alike are exaggerating how much they are willing to risk and how resilient their system is.

Shitting on liberalism all day is not critique.

Doing so only demonstrates your lack of imagination regarding what will come next.

Two signs of crisis.

1. The adoption of the academic celebrity system. 2. The decline of the academic celebrity system.

They call it covid19.

It is the flashpoint for extended crises in health care, governance, economy, education, and migration.

The American Century is over.

It is not a (real) crisis. It is certainly not a catastrophe.

Crisis need not be the death knell.

A capitalism facing an environmental catastrophe might revert to crisis mode—and make its “existential threat” profitable on market terms.

Surplus alienation to the rescue.

Capitalist exploitation will never put capitalism itself into crisis.