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Culture cannot be cancelled.

That’s why “cancel culture” cannot be cancelled. That’s also why “cancel culture” does not exist.

Outrage culture is the symptom.

The disease is the exhaustion of social progress.

Politics can happen between two.

So can society, economics, community, or culture. It all depends on the quality of the relationship.

Critical theory.

Never call out what calls for critique.

How I know both are delusions.

People are trying to derive meaning from “culture” just like they used to derive it from “civilization.”

Melancholic assimilation.

These Taiwanese movies induce within me a nostalgia for an impossibly “organic” relation to culture.

Jared Diamond, “Guns, Germs, and Steel.”

The authority of modern science no longer needs the conceit of Western cultural superiority.

How so convincing?

“Cultural relativism” makes sense for anyone who enters a different world every time they step outside the house or come back to the neighborhood.

What goes for geography also goes for culture.

Some have the luxury of travelling; others face the necessity of it.

You wonder who is not doing their fair share.

Minorities are now expected to know both “mainstream” and “marginal” cultures in the same way that women are now expected to do both “male” and “female” work.