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Be “productive” if you must.

I understand that bad habits die hard.

Life and death (again).

All die; most are reborn.

Who wants to live forever?

I’d rather live well for as long as I can.

For Zhuangzi.

Wander beyond the realms of life and death; travel beyond the descriptions of metaphorical and literal.

My friends wrote books.

They died before I was born, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t met them.

There is no “why.”

The only question concerning death is “how.”

I’m not positive death is bad.

But if it is, it must be bad in itself; it cannot be bad for the dead. 

A model of social change.

I’m not saying I want you dead. I’m just saying I’m waiting for you to die.

Living is also dying.

The meaning of one’s death is also in one’s dying.


Solitude prefigures that kind of death which thinkers pursue.